Cartoni Lambda 25 (Replaces Spin Head) - $9895

for cameras weighing up to 55 lbs. (25kg)
  Lambda 25  

video See a video of the Cartoni Lambda 25, Lambda 10 and the Losmandy Balanced Monitor Bracket


Unlike traditional fluid heads that have an arc in the tilt axis, Its "L" shape configuration allows the camera's lens axis to rotate on the nodal point of the tilt axis. Both pan and tilt movements are assisted by CARTONI patented continuous fluid drag units. On the Lambda 25, these fluid drags are hollow in the center to provide a clean entry for cables to plug into the camera. The Lambda 25 can be mounted on a tripod, dolly, camera car, etc. but, here at Porta-jib, we feel its most effective use is when it is mounted underslung from a jib arm. We think this is the ideal head when using heavier cameras. For smaller, lighter cameras, up to about 22 lbs. we recommend the Cartoni Lambda 10 (link).


Custom case for the Lambda 25 -- $540.

Cartoni Lambda 25 - $9895
Cartoni Lambda 10 - $2995