New! FlexTrak Case with Wheels    $340
The new FlexTrak case has wheels which allow the case to rotate as you load or unload your FlexTrak.
Buckle this strap before loading or unloading FlexTrak so the strap does not tangle while the case rotates.
The lid detaches completely, making it easier to load and unload the FlexTrak.
Detach the wheels and store them in this pouch during airline travel.

The steel lining of our new FlexTrak resists twisting. The best way to get it into a case is to feed it directly in without twist. Porta-Jib has created a case that rotates to make loading easier.

To load, lay the track out in a relatively straight line. Pull the track to the case. As the case rotates the track conforms itself to the inside walls of the case. The wheels allow the case to spin easily.

Another advantage to having wheels is that you can push or pull the case, instead of having to carry it.

For a printable PDF about the new FlexTrak Case and instructions on how to load or unload your FlexTrak, click here.

FlexTrak Case   FlexTrak Case

The bottom of the case has been reinforced with plywood to provide the necessary integrity needed to support the wheels.


Rubber bumpers prevent the wheel receptacles from touching the floor when the wheels are detached.

FlexTrak Case   FlexTrak Case

A strap-handle was added to the flat side of the case, opposite the fold-out handle, so you can lift the case with two hands. This strap handle allows the case to rest unincumbered on the flat side.


When the wheels are detached we suggest transporting the case lying on the flat side. The handle placement has been thoughtfully arranged to facilitate lifting the case whether it is upright or lying on the flat side.


Case dimensions with wheels attached: 19”x19”x23.5” (48x48x59.6cm)

Weight of empty case with wheels: 22 lbs. (10kg)

Weight of empty case without wheels: 17 lbs. (7.7kg)

Weight of case with wheels and FlexTrak: 53 lbs. (24kg)

Note: the wheels weigh 5 lbs., so removing them from the case brings the case weight under the 50 lb. weight restriction imposed by most airlines. Simply put the wheels in the pouch and tuck them into your carry-on bag.