Losmandy FlexTrak


40' piece makes a 17' run
2 pieces make a 40' run

This amazing seamless dolly track can be configured in straight runs or can curve in any radius or direction. The basic unit is 40', which will loop to make one 17' run. 2 pieces side by side will create a 40' run. Each section rolls up into a 2' diameter bundle and weighs 30 lbs. creating unprecedented portability for a track rigid enough to support an operator, yet flexible enough to curve into a 90 degree turn with a 2' radius. The key to FlexTrak's success lies in the unique capability of our Spider Dolly's track wheels, which are designed with an articulating arm on one side to compensate for any deviation in the track spacing. Set-up time is almost instantaneous.


Shown with optional Spider Dolly and accessories

Our new FlexTrak has all of the advantages of the original, but is now even better in three ways:
1) a 40' (12m) piece is 10 lbs. lighter, now weighing only 30 lbs. (13.6 kg), and therefore when in a carrying case will still be under the 50 lb. weight restriction for airline travel.
2) retains little or no memory from being stored in a coiled position.
3) is not very temperature sensitive. The original FlexTrak worked best at room temperature or above.

Losmandy FlexTrak

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Losmandy FlexTrak and Spider Dolly   4-Leg Spider Dolly and Losmandy FlexTrak

Promotional video about the award-winning Losmandy FlexTrak. Features behind-the-scenes footage of the Porta-Jib 3-Leg and 4-Leg Spider dolly. Discussion of how it breaks down into a mini-dolly that can be used on countertops, as they do on the set of "Big Brother." Another innovative quality camera support product from Scott Losmandy. Move Smooth with Porta-Jib.


Demo of 4 leg spider dolly using Losmandy FlexTrak. This demo includes instruction and details about the different ways to configure the dolly, the bonus mini dolly and FlexTrak flexible dolly track. Behind-the-scenes footage shows how Porta-Jib dollies make a camera move smooth.

New! FlexTrak Case

Click here to visit the new FlexTrak Case page for details.

FlexTrak Case
NAB 2000 Editor's Pick of Show
NAB 2000 Editor's Pick of Show


End Spacer
End Spacer

End Spacers are used with a single piece of FlexTrak. When the track is looped back to create the second rail, the looped end may balloon out making the space too wide for the dolly's wheels. The End-Spacer ensures proper spacing.


$40 each

Track Channel
Track Channel


Track Channels serve two purposes--either to straighten the track or to act as part of our FlexTrak Leveling System.

Regarding straightening: most of the time when doing dolly moves the camera is pointing more or less perpendicular to the track, so if the track is not perfectly straight, you do not notice it. There is usually nothing to reference it to. However, sometimes you want to push straight at an object, or pull back from an object. Now the camera is pointing parallel to the track, and if the track is not perfectly straight you will see a left-right movement in the camera's image. To correct this, you can ensure a perfectly straight move by placing the track into the aluminum Track Channel, which will force it to lie straight. When calculating how many Track Channels are needed, keep in mind that they are only placed on the guide-track side of the FlexTrak. Our dollies are designed with guide wheels on one side and floating wheels on the other. The camera is referencing the movement of the wheels on the guide-track side, so you only need to straighten this side. The Channels are 36" long, so we recommend having 3 or 4 channels in your accessory kit. This will allow you to straighten 9 to 12 feet of track, which should be plenty for a push-in or pull-out shot. (A shot like this cannot be overly long because if it were you would see the track in the shot.)

Helpful Tip: If you are on a smooth floor we recommend that you place a rubber mesh material under the aluminum channels to prevent them from sliding around. This material is inexpensive, and readily available at most supermarkets and hardware stores. It is commonly used under throw rugs to keep them from slipping, and on glass shelving to prevent glassware from sliding. It comes in various thicknesses. We recommend using the thinnest mesh available so that you do not detect a rise or fall in the track as you transition from the channelled section to the non-channelled section.


$40 each

Channel Spreader

Channel Spreader


The other purpose for the Channels is to use them in conjunction with Channel Spreaders to create the frame of our Leveling Kit. In this situation the channels are placed on both sides and are connected with the Channel Spreaders to form our Leveling Kit. They join the 36" Channels on either side, creating the standard track separation of 24.5 inches. This creates a frame that can be leveled with traditional wedges.


$60 each


  FlexTrak Leveling System  
FlexTrak Leveling System

Now FlexTrak can be used in non-level environments. A frame made with our FlexTrak Channels and our Channel Spreaders can be leveled with traditional dolly track wedges. Because FlexTrak has no seams, leveling does not need to be as precise as it does with traditional track, which greatly reduces set-up time. Simply place the end of each channel into the receptacle on each spreader to create the frame, then position the FlexTrak into the channels.

Block mid-point of channel to prevent bending under heavy load.

You can purchase any combination of channels and spreaders. For every 3' of length to be leveled you will need 2 channels. A spreader is placed at each joint, plus one on each end, so you will need one more spreader than the total number of pairs of channel. For example, an 18' run needs 6 pairs of channel (12 pieces) and 7 spreaders.

For use with one piece of 40' FlexTrak:
10 Track Channels and 6 Spreaders for a Total 15' run - $380

For use with two pieces of 40' FlexTrak:
26  Track Channels and 14 Spreaders for a Total 39' run - $940

Price does not include cost of FlexTrak which is $450 each 40' piece

Click here for a PDF of the FlexTrak Leveling System

Click here for a PDF of FlexTrak Tips and Tricks