STANDARD PORTA-JIB®              $2995
Requires the addition of a Front Insert
And a Base to interface with a tripod.
See Front Insert and Base pricing below.

Reach 57" (145cm) - Boom 72" (183cm)     Wt. 60 lbs. (27kg)

This is the most versatile of all small jibs because of its ability to interface with a variety of professional fluid heads and tripods and carry up to 100 lbs. of front end camera/fluid head weight. It future-proofs your investment since it can accommodate small cameras with 100mm fluid heads, as well as heavily accessorized cameras requiring 150mm or Mitchell based fluid heads.

It assembles in less than 5 minutes. No tools required. All parts are machined aluminum and stainless steel. Boom lock, pan lock, Vector Balancing Bar, and Fine Tuning Weight are included. However, the Porta-Jib Custom Case, Front Inserts, Bases, and Counterweights are not included. See accessory pricing below.

Custom Case for Porta-Jib $895
100mm front insert Wt. 1.5 lb (.7kg) $125
Mitchell front insert Wt. 1 lb (.45kg) $125
150mm front insert Wt. 1.8 lb (.8kg) $250
150mm base Wt. 2 lb (.9kg) $175
Mitchell base Wt. 2 lb (.9kg) $175
Light Weight Tripod Base Wt. 2.5 lbs (1.1kg) $175
DV Column Base Wt. 2 lb (.9kg) $175
36" Extension Kit Wt. 9 lb (4.1kg) $500
Low Profile 3-way Leveler   $395
LWT Lightweight Adjustable Tripod Wt. 14 lbs.  (6.4kg) $550
Notes about Bases:
1) We purposely do not make a 100mm base for the jib because most 100mm tripods are not strong enough to carry this much weight. Our Traveller Jib is designed to work with 100mm tripods.
2) When using our 3-Way Leveler, no additional base is needed to interface with our LW Tripod. When using our 3-Way Leveler and a Mitchell or 150mm tripod, you will also need a Mitchell or 150mm Base.
Losmandy 3 Leg Spider Dolly with
extended legs and floor wheels
Wt. 32 lb (14.5kg) $1195
Case with Wheels for LWT Tripod Wt. 12 lb (5.4kg) $335
Custom Case for 3 Leg Spider Dolly with extended legs and floor wheels   $335
Porta-Jib Counterweights
Suggested package.
(for more info click here)
Wt. 50 lbs. (23kg)
For a comparison chart that shows size, reach, pull back and weight dimensions of our Standard Porta-Jib Jib, our Standard Jib with 36" Extension, and our Porta-Jib Traveller Jib, click here.
We were pleasantly surprised to find this review of our Standard Porta-Jib on YouTube. The reviewer has kindly allowed us to add it to our website.
Have a look.
Standard Porta-Jib Review

Why you should upgrade to an underslung head
Balancing the Cartoni Smart Head on the Standard Porta-Jib
Advantages of using an Underslung Head
The Cartoni Spin Head,
Smart Head and the Losmandy Balanced Monitor Bracket


Balanced Monitor Bracket - for front-operated jib work    $395

Balanced Monitor Bracket

Now 8 inch (or smaller) monitors can be used as an easy-to-view on-camera display for jib work. As you boom the camera up and down, this new bracket's handle allows you to have your left hand controlling the angle of the monitor at all times, and  because it is balanced, whenever you let go of the handle, the monitor will remain in that angle. So, for example, as the camera is boomed upward, above your head, you can flip the monitor, as you let go with your left hand, into a downward angle that will be easy to see, confident that the monitor will retain its desired angle for viewing.

The bracket assembly mounts between your camera's base and the fluid head's balance plate, and comes with its own balance plate assembly to mount to your camera. This bracket allows you to move the monitor fore and aft, as well as up and down to obtain nodal point balance. It then has a drag adjustment that allows it to move smoothly to keep it from being completely free-wheeling.

Click here for installation instruction for Balanced Monitor Bracket
on front operated Jib (PDF)

Requires Acrobat Reader- Get it HERE. Get the Adobe Acrobat Reader


Arm for Large LCD and Field CRT Monitors          $85
     (Yoke or monitor tray not included)

Arm for Large LCD and Field CRT Monitors

Articulating Arm for Small LCD Monitors              $200

Click here for explanation of Monitor Bracket for rear operated Jib(PDF)

Requires Acrobat Reader- Get it HERE. Get the Adobe Acrobat Reader

Our new LWT provides sturdy, portable and economical support for either the Standard Porta-Jib or the Traveller. Rubber feet protect delicate floors and interface with the Losmandy 3-Leg Spider Dolly.
Requires one of the Tops or the LWT Adapter Plate, below.

Adjusts from 29" (74cm) to 46" (117cm)  Legs fold to 33" (84cm) for easy transportation.
Wt. 14 lbs.  (6.4kg)    (Tops are extra)

LWT Tripod
Click for
larger image
LWT Adapter Plate  
For Porta-Jib Standard or Traveller   LWT Adapter $175
100mm top   Wt. 3.5 lbs. (1.6kg)     LWT 100 mm top $200
Mitchell top  Wt. 5.5 lbs. (2.5kg)      LWT Mitchell top $300
150mm top  Wt. 6 lbs. (2.7kg)          LWT 150 mm top $375
LWT 12" Riser                         LWT 12" Riser $195

CASE with WHEELS for PORTA-JIB                 $895
Aluminum & fiberglass
 - 11"x16"x45" Wt. 40lb
 - (28x41x115cm, 18kg)
 - 105lb (47.7kg) loaded
Custom cut-outs for components keep everything organized.
Holds everything except counterweights.

Porta-Jib Case
Click for Larger Image
Case also holds the 36" extension kit.
Standard Porta-Jib
Porta-Jib - The original portable camera jib arm system
Click for larger image

Shown with optional LWT Tripod,
Losmandy 3 Leg Spider Dolly
and Low Profile 3-way Leveler


Balancing using the Vector bar
Fluid head balancing
About the Vector Bar
Vector Bar balancing tips
Fluid Head balancing tips


See This Introductory Video!

Low Profile 3-Way Leveler
Attaches to the base of either the Standard Porta-JIb or Traveller and drops into the top of the tripod. Allows you to level the jib without moving the tripod legs. This is especially useful for those who want to have the Standard Jib on our rolling 3-Leg Spider. As one rolls from point A to point B, the floor invariably changes in level. So rather than trying to move the legs, which is difficult with a fully loaded jib, especially with the foot of the tripod locked into place on the dolly, you can now simply make the leveling adjustment at the base of the jib. Its low profile allows it to remain attached to the SPJ and still fit into the SPJ's custom case.

3 Way Leveler

17" MINI KIT                                    $550
Converts the Standard Porta-Jib into a much smaller unit for working indoors where space for the full sized jib is unavailable.
Kit includes: 17" front main tube, 17" front secondary arm, and 17" rear steel weight bar. Provides approximately 3' of vertical lift.

36" EXTENSION KIT                      $500
- Increases Reach to 92" (234cm)
- Increases Boom to 131" (333cm)
- Adds 9 lbs (4.1kg)
- Note: Recommended weight capacity:
  45 lbs. (20kg.)
- Extra counter weights will be needed.
It takes 30 lbs. to balance the extended front, and the camera/fluid head needs 2.5X weight to balance.

Additional Counter Weight - $3.00/lb.
Our weights are engraved with the Porta-Jib name, and are powder-coated to prevent them from rusting. Any barbell weights with a standard 35mm hole will work, but rusting will usually occur. Our weight shaft has a 1" (25mm) diameter.

36" Extension Kit
Click for Larger Image
Standard Porta-Jib shown with optional LWT tripod, 36" Extension Kit, VariZoom MC100 and
Transvideo 10.4" High Brightness Monitor

Click for Larger Image

Case with Wheels for LW Tripod   $335
LW Tripod Case

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Standard Porta-Jib
User Testimonials

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Trey Solberg
Dylan Weiss
"Once again the Porta-Jib proved to be an indispensable tool."
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Simon Davies
Simon Davies
"The Porta-Jib is my best investment to date."
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