The Losmandy Spider Camera Dolly is the most portable professional camera dolly on the market.


See the Losmandy® Spider Dollies in action.

  Bruce Aoki

Creative configurations with
our award-winning Losmandy FlexTrak
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  This versatile design can be configured as a 3- or 4-Leg Dolly. Purchasers of the 3-Leg Spider Dolly can later add components to their kit to upgrade to the rideable 4-Leg Spider Dolly. Owners of the 4-Leg Spider Dolly can configure the dolly for use as a 3-Leg Spider Dolly. The components of either Dolly can also be used as a Mini Trolley.

Combined with Losmandy FlexTrak, the simple 3-Leg Spider Dolly converts your tripod into an inexpensive, extremely portable, tracking camera dolly. Add a fourth leg, and you can further accessorize it to be a fully rideable 4-Leg Spider Dolly with adjustable center column, a seat that pivots 360 degrees around the column, foot platforms and pushbar.

The Losmandy® Spider Dolly can work on traditional steel track, or on track made of PVC pipe, or on our award winning Losmandy FlexTrak -- a flexible track made of special steel-reinforced tubing that not only rolls up into a bundle for easy transport, but also allows you to make straight or curved dolly moves with almost no set-up time.

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  Losmandy 3-Leg Spider Dolly
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Losmandy® 3-Leg Spider Dolly
shown with optional tripod and FlexTrak

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  Losmandy 4-Leg Spider Dolly
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Losmandy® 4-Leg Spider Dolly
shown with FlexTrak

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  Losmandy camera dollies are a better choice for 3 reasons:
1) Flexibility. The 3-Leg Tripod Dolly can be upgraded to become a fully rideable 4-Leg Dolly, or the 4-Leg Dolly can be set up as a 3-Leg Tripod Dolly if one needs to work alone.
2) Floating Wheels on one of the track rails. There is no need to measure a precise separation between the track, you simply approximate a 2 foot (60cm) separation and the floating wheels move in and out to compensate for any deviation in the spacing. This makes setting up a run on FlexTrak almost instantaneous.
3) 360° pivoting seat. This feature truly sets our dolly apart from most other dollies because it allows the camera operator's body to move effortlessly in sync with the panning motion of his fluid head. Other dollies with stationary seats are impractical if there is any panning involved in the shot.

The Losmandy® Spider Dolly has a versatile base that allows for additional configurations. The Extended Leg Version of the Spider Dolly, when combined with floor wheels and the Lightweight Tripod, creates an easy and safe way to position heavy cameras and jib arms. The base can also be configured to become a tabletop Mini Trolley.

If you are comparing dolly systems and are unclear about the advantages of a tripod dolly versus a rideable dolly, please click here to visit our Learning Center and read "Pivoting Seat vs. Stationary Seat vs. No Seat."

  Do you want to put a tripod-supported jib onto track?

To create complex moves combining a jib arm with a dolly can be difficult. We have a solution that works well with our Standard Porta-Jib and Lightweight tripod, but this 5-leg dolly solution can also work with other tripods and jibs to solve this problem.

Standard Porta-Jib on
Losmandy® 5-Leg Spider Dolly

shown with 4 track wheel clusters and optional LightWeight tripod on standard steel dolly track.

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  Losmandy 5-Leg Spider Dolly
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Losmandy Spider Dollies have a unique wheel system. On one side, the wheels simply pivot at the center of the wheel cluster. We call this side the guide wheel side. On the other side, the wheels have a double pivot, which allows the wheels to float in and out several inches to compensate for variations in the spacing of the FlexTrak.  
Double Pivot Wheels

Swivel must remain within this range

Spider Configurations
The Spider Dolly can be used in either a 3 leg, 4 leg or 5 leg configuration.

Visit the 3-leg Spider Dolly page for product details, images and videos. Click here.
SP3T   3-Leg Spider Dolly with choice of 3 Track Wheels $1195
SP3TC   Custom Case for 3-Leg Spider Dolly withTrack Wheels $380
SP3FEL   3-Leg Spider Dolly with Extended Legs and Floor Wheels $1195
SP3FELC   Custom Case for 3-Leg Spider Dolly Extended Leg Version with Floor Wheels $335
SPTW3   Set of 3 Track Wheels $600
SPFW3   Set of 3 Floor Wheels
    Additional set of three legs (short or long) $225
SPUGK   Upgrade Kit $2795

Visit the 4-leg Spider Dolly page for product details, images and videos. Click here.
SP4TS   4-Leg Spider with Track Wheels, DV Column, 100mm Top, Single Pivot Seat,
Swivel Seat Mechanism, Pushbar & set of 4 Platforms (as pictured above)
SP4TSC   Set of 2 Cases for 4-Leg Spider Dolly System $1600
LSK   Low Shot Kit $650
LSKC   Case for Low Shot Kit $325

DVAC   DV Adjustable Column $895
    Adjustments are in 1.5" (3.8cm) increments. Holds up to 200 lbs. (91kg) and adjusts from 21" (53cm) to 34" (86.36cm), mounts to either 3-Leg or 4-Leg Spider Dolly and accepts 100mm, 150mm and Mitchell Tops. Wt. 9 lbs. (4.1kg) (Tops are Extra)

The height range of the DV Adjustable Column is based on using the lowest position for putting the camera at an appropriate height for shooting someone in a seated position, and the high position for shooting someone standing.

DV Adjustable Column
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DV100T   100mm DV Top $200
DV150   150mm DV Top $375
DVM   Mitchell DV Top $300
SSM   360 degree Swivel Seat Mechanism $425
SPS   Single Pivot Seat $300
SPPB   Push Bar Assembly $350
SPP   Set of 4 Platforms  (only for 4 leg configuration) $275
LSK   Low Shot Kit $650
LSKC   Case for Low Shot Kit $325

Visit the 5-leg Spider Dolly page for product details and images. Click here.
SP5T   5-Leg Spider Dolly with 4 Track Wheel clusters $1695
SP5PG   5-Leg Spider Dolly with 4 Porta-Glide Wheel clusters $1795