PORTA-JIB® TRAVELLER                $2495

Lightweight and Portable With Variable Arm Length

Reach 38-55" (96-140cm)
Boom 41-68" (104-173cm)
Wt. 29 lbs. (13.2kg)

Designed for videographers and 16mm cinematographers who need to travel light. Weighing only 29 lbs. (13.2kg), it supports 40 lbs. (18kg) of camera and fluid head. So compact, it folds up with no loose parts and fits into a baby tripod case. Its unique telescopic design allows it to work in constricted areas and also unfold to create a dramatic 6 foot lift. And best of all, it uses the 100mm style tripod and head you already own. Like the rest of the Losmandy line, it is manufactured to the highest quality standards: all parts are anodized black machined aluminum or stainless steel. All moving parts are controlled by sealed precision ball bearings. Bubble levels are located on the center column and camera plate for easy levelling. With a weight ratio of less than one-to-one, and the sliding counterweight shaft for fine tuning, the arm can be balanced in a matter of seconds, with a limited number of counter weights. Since no chains, belts or cables are used, the Losmandy Porta-Jib Traveller requires little maintenance. Boom friction and pan friction with variable drag are standard features. Base price includes Vector Balancing Bar. However, official Porta-Jib counterweights are additional.

Note: Official Porta-Jib weights are powder-coated and bear the distinctive Porta-Jib name stamped into the metal. Weights are priced at $3 per pound. For more on weight options, click here.

7 lb fine-tuning weight   $65
Custom Case with compartment for
Fine Tuning Weight and Vector Bar
Wt. 20 lbs. (9kg) $695

Although the Traveller is designed to mate with any 100mm tripod, many prefer to have a heavier tripod for jib work.

Traveller Adapter for 150mm Tripod Wt. 2 lbs. (1kg) $175
Traveller Adapter for Mitchell Tripod Wt. 2 lbs. (1kg) $25
Porta-Jib Counterweights
Suggested package.
(for more info click here)
Wt. 35 lbs. (16kg) $105

Or, use our LWT-EX
Lightweight Tripod with 100mm Top
Wt. 13 lbs.  (5.9kg) $650
  Porta-Jib Traveller
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Shown with optional tripod & 7 lb fine tuning weight

Traveller Folded
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Folds to 31"


  Vector Bar balancing tips
On our Learning Center Page, please read "How to balance a Fluid Head". This contains important information to help you enable your jib arm to perform at its best.

Also for those who are new to the world of jibs, please read, "Front vs. Rear Operated Jibs".
Why you should upgrade to an underslung head
Balancing the Cartoni Smart Head on the Standard Porta-Jib
Advantages of using an Underslung Head
The Cartoni Spin Head,
Smart Head and the Losmandy Balanced Monitor Bracket
  Custom Traveller Case   LWT-EX Tripod  
  Custom Case   LWT-EX Tripod  
    Click here to visit the LWT-EX Tripod page
Warning note for customers using their own tripods to support the Traveller.
Although it is true that most customers who buy our Traveller Jib use their own tripods as the support, please take the following into consideration. Most 100mm tripods are not designed for the payload of a jib and counterweights. Often they do not feel as if they are rigid enough for the job. The leg locks, in particular, may be inadequate to support this additional weight. If you do choose to use your own tripod check it carefully once loaded. Push down on the fulcrum assembly, where it mounts to the tripod, to test that the leg locks are holding. The worst thing that can happen is if a leg lock gradually creeps and you do not notice it until it is too late.
  Porta-Jib Vector Bar
Click HERE for Assembly Instruction Video

Balanced Monitor Bracket
       - for front-operated jib work       $395
Balanced Monitor Bracket
Designed to help the operator easily change the viewing angle of his monitor as the jib moves.
For more information, click here to visit the
Balanced Monitor Bracket page.

  Dylan Weiss   Michael Morlan   Michel Bisson  
Dylan Weiss
"..has never failed to add dramatic production values to our projects!"
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Michael Morlan
"The Porta-jib Traveller is one of the most important tools in my personal kit."
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Michel Bisson csc
"The Porta-Jib is a great way to get movement on a shoot for a low cost."
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