MONITOR SUPPORT BRACKET                   $395
For Front Operation

Balanced Monitor Bracket - for front-operated jib work

Now 8 inch (or smaller) monitors can be used as an easy-to-view on-camera display for jib work. As you boom the camera up and down, this new bracket's handle allows you to have your left hand controlling the angle of the monitor at all times, and because it is balanced, whenever you let go of the handle, the monitor will remain in that angle. So, for example, as the camera is boomed upward, above your head, you can flip the monitor, as you let go with your left hand, into a downward angle that will be easy to see, confident that the monitor will retain its desired angle for viewing.

The bracket assembly mounts between your camera's base and the fluid head's balance plate, and comes with its own balance plate assembly to mount to your camera. This bracket allows you to move the monitor fore and aft, as well as up and down to obtain nodal point balance. It then has a drag adjustment that allows it to move smoothly to keep it from being completely free-wheeling.


Balanced Monitor Bracket

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