Jonathan Lawrence

To everyone at Porta-Jib,

I have been using your standard Jib for many years. It has been a faithful companion on a lot of my productions. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I have turned to my Porta-jib to get the ‘money’ shots. About a year ago I added the Cartoni smart head to it along with your Balanced Monitor Bracket and it has enhanced the way I shoot immensely. Who would have thought shooting with your Jib could get any more fun than it already was.

I have attached a few photos of the jib on set over the years. Some of the images are small and low resolution but you get the idea.

Also I am starting an on-line review of cinema gear that I use so of course my first review is with a long time companion, (my Porta- Jib). I hope you like it. It is just my little way of saying thanks for making such a fantastic tool for filmmakers.

All the Best

Jonathan Lawrence, Director


To find out more about the Standard Porta-Jib, click here.

Jonathan Lawrence
Video review of the Standard Porta-Jib including the Cartoni Smart Head.
Jonathan Lawrence
Video review of the Porta-Jib Explorer System
in Trolley Mode.

Note: The Explorer System has been discontinued.

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