Trey Solberg

Wow… Lets start with that.

I have been following the Porta-Jib product lines for a few years now and am constantly impressed with each new creative tool they come up with. Most of my work revolves around talking head and product shoots. And usually are steeped in a long shot list with a short timeframe. Creativity is generally the first casualty of the shooting day. With the Explorer system, I’m finding I can “buy back” some creativity / inspiration without much cost to the day.

I recently used the Explorer on a car review for Kelly Blue Book and was extremely pleased. The director said “Sure. Bring it along. But I don’t want to be slowed down or have to sacrifice shots while you are fiddling with adjustments.” I’m happy to report we finished 15 minutes early and had at least 5 extra shots in the can. He loved it!!! We never came off the system. We did both JIB shots and then worked the heck out of the TROLLEY / SLIDER config.

I’ve used the system with everything from a SONY Z7 to a SONY F3. (And that includes my 5Dmk2 and EX3). The Explorer system seems right at home in any environment. I see this system as a fantastically versatile opportunity to recapture some of the excitement and creativity we all enjoyed when we were first starting out.

Thanks Mark and Scott. Great Job!!!

UPDATE August 22, 2011

Hi Mark,

I just finished 3 more projects with my Explorer rig:

OCMMC Gala Video for Lyon Studios
Pie Anxiety Promo (see video below)
Nello Cucina Commercial (see video below)

On the Gala video I used the rig as a Jib the first day and as a trolly / slider the second. Most of the pictures (in action) came from the trolly configuration. We were kind of scrambling the first day =)

The opening shot of the Pie Anxiety promo is all slider.

We used both the slider and jib config on the Nello spot but no one got any shots of the jib in use - I'll keep working on those. I'm including the link to the behind the scenes video shot on an NEX5 - 15fps...

The kit is working out great!!! I've had my EX3 package, 5D Cinema Package and the Sony F3 package on the kit and no problems. As you can see, we got kind of creative with our slider configuration and a couple apple boxes - the director was very happy. We made up time all day being able to move faster than the schedule allowed in this raw track configuration. Please thank Scott for the tip for me =)

I'll have more to report soon. Loving my Explorer =)

Trey Solberg
DP / Cameraman

714 325-4815

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Trey Solberg
Video Review of the Porta-Jib Explorer
Trey Solberg
Pie Anxiety Promo
Trey Solberg
Nello Cucina Commercial

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