Lightweight combination
Jib Arm / 6' Slider System
Systems ranging from $2695 to $3495
or with additional track dolly option-- $4985

Note: The Explorer System has been discontinued and is no longer available
for purchase.

The Explorer's unique design allows the user to transform the Explorer from a Jib Arm to a 6’ (1.8m) Slider system in minutes.

Unlike other jibs, the Explorer has a weight bucket which means it does not require traditional counterweights.You can simply use whatever is handy--spare batteries, rocks, bottles of water, etc. And since the Explorer is designed for lightweight cameras, the amount of counterweight needed is minimal.

New to Version 3 are tripod-style transport cases that provide better protection and have wheels to make transport easier. And cleverly, the removable lid becomes the jib’s weight bucket.

Version 3 also is more pre-assembled which makes the set-up faster. Once you know how to set up the system, it takes about 6 minutes to assemble either jib or slider mode. For detailed assembly instructions please click here to view the video.

When in Jib Mode, the Explorer can support up to 22 lbs. (10kg) of fluid head and camera weight. The front 100mm Cup can pivot left and right as well as move up and down the 12" vertical rail. When in Slider Mode, the removable off-set cup is added to the trolley base.

Designed specifically for lightweight camera and fluid heads weighing under 22 lbs.

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An easy way to fine-tune the balance is to add a bottle of water to the weight bucket. Simply add or remove a little water to adjust.

The 6’ Slider normally is supported by the Explorer Tripod and Duopod. It can also be configured as a 3’ Slider.


The height of the trolley’s 100mm cup varies from 30” to 48” as the legs are extended.

     Explorer Duopod


The Duopod's leg angles provide improved lateral support.


The 6‘ Slider in Low mode is supported by adjustable leveling feet.

The trolley’s wheels lock onto the rails to prevent accidental tipping. Two of the wheels are mounted through an elongated slot which allows one to easily adjust the amount of drag.

   Explorer System Pricing
  EXP-JS1 -- Explorer System w/ Jib, trolley, low-mode leveling feet, and 1 hard case w/ wheels. (Customer must provide tripods for support)   $2695
  EXP-JS2 -- Explorer System w/ Jib, tripod, duopod, trolley, low-mode leveling feet, and 2 hard cases w/ wheels.   $3495
  EXP-JS3 -- Combines one EXP- SPJ2 and one SP3T 3-Leg Spider Dolly & SP3TC case. An all in one Jib/Slider/Dolly System.   $4985
EXP-JS3 includes our SP3T track dolly
  Some customers buy just the jib and slider components because they feel the 6’ lateral motion of the slider is sufficient for lateral moves. However most customers also want a track dolly capable of longer runs and curved runs, so for them we add one of our SP3T 3-Leg Spider Dollies.  
  Note: the EXP-JS3 includes the track dolly, but not track. For our FlexTrak option and accessories, click here.  
  A new feature added to the SP3T Dolly allows it to function as both a track and floor dolly. 2 of the 4 wheels are spaced out more than the other two. This allows them to move and turn naturally, which is not possible if all 4 wheels were in contact with the floor. This function is not meant to provide in-camera movement but rather it provides an easy way to move a tripod or jib arm around for positioning.  

This Combo Wheel Cluster, which normally runs on track, can also roll directly on the floor, due to its off-set wheels design.

  The entire JIb/Slider system fits into these two transport Cases. 1 @ 43 lbs., 1 @ 37 lbs.
This includes the tripod and duopod supports.
  If purchased without the tripod and dupod, all but the trolley fils into one of these cases. The trolley would be sent separately without a case.
  3-Leg Spider Dolly in its custom case
Balanced Monitor Bracket
                - for front-operated jib work      $395

Balanced Monitor Bracket

Designed to help the operator easily change the
viewing angle of his monitor as the jib moves.

For more information, click here to visit the
Balanced Monitor Bracket page.

Assembly instructions for earlier versions of the Porta-Jib Explorer can be found here.
   Video review of the Porta-Jib Explorer System
   by Trey Solberg.


   Video review of the Porta-Jib Explorer System
   in Trolley Mode by Jonathan Lawrence.


   Note: these videos feature an earlier version of the Explorer


Explorer Assembly Video
How to assemble the new Explorer in jib, trolley and low shot modes. Click here.

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Explorer PDF
For details about the Explorer and assembly instructions click here

On our Learning Center Page, please read "How to balance a Fluid Head". This contains important information to help you enable your jib arm to perform at its best.

Also for those who are new to the world of jibs, please read, "Front vs. Rear Operated Jibs".

Explorer User Testimonials

Click on each image to go to the User's page.

Trey Solberg
Jonathan Lawrence
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Trey Solberg
Trey Solberg
"I see this system as a fantastically versatile opportunity..."
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Bob Wojda
Bob Wojda
"The Explorer Jib and trolley system is one of the best built, most versatile systems I’ve ever worked with."
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Craig McKeown
Craig McKeown
"Wow! What a well thought out, masterly crafted piece of equipment."
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James Biddle
James Biddle
"It's amazing!"
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Gazebo Productions
Here is a music video shot by Gazebo Productions that used an Explorer system for many of the shots.
The name of the band is Petite Columbo. The cameras used were Canon 5D and 7D.